Street Naming and Numbering

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Tailoring spaces and creating places

apT look after the naming and numbering of streets and buildings across the borough.

It is vital that we keep up-to-date information on all the addresses, as this information is used by the police, fire and ambulance services, as well as Royal Mail, internal departments within the Council, the Land Registry and the Valuation Office.

Maintaining a comprehensive and consistently high standard for the naming of streets and numbering or naming properties allows:

  • Emergency Services to find a property quickly – delays can cost lives
  • Mail, services and products to be delivered reliably and efficiently
  • Companies and Utility Companies to accept an address for official purposes in providing telecom services, gas, electricity, water, insurance, banking, credit rating etc.
  • Visitors to locate their destination

Anyone who owns a property has a legal obligation to display their house number or name.

A photograph of a street sign for Cole Terrace

What you need to know:

  • Individuals or a developers building a new development (residential or otherwise) or converting a property which will result in the creation of new properties or premises, need to make an application.
  • Once planning permission has been obtained you can apply for an official address. The earlier in the development process the better as it can cause problems with Utility Companies who may be unable to install services without an official postal address and postcode.
  • You must also tell us if you want to change your house name, or convert a single dwelling into multiple addresses.
  • Although we have powers to name streets and number properties, the postcode is the responsibility of Royal Mail. We will notify Royal Mail of all new or amended addresses on your behalf and request confirmation of the postcode which will then be shared with you.
An illustration of a street map

Choosing a street name

Anyone can submit street name suggestions however we will check to ensure that they won’t cause any potential delivery issues before they are put forward for formal consultation with the relevant local Parish/Town Council, local Councillors and Royal Mail.

As a guide, suggestions should either reflect the history of a site, have a local connection or acknowledge the geography of the area. Each suggestion should be supported by brief supporting information and where the name is of a deceased person then short biographical notes will be required as well as written consent from the family (if possible).

Once the period of consultation has been completed all the suggestions and supporting information is sent to the Chair of the Licensing Committee who makes the final decision(s).

As soon as an official address has been created or amended we automatically inform the Emergency Services, internal departments within the Council, the Land Registry and the Valuation Office.

How to apply?

Download the Application for a new official postal address or an amendment to an existing address form which includes guidance notes and charges.

Download the Street Naming and Numbering Procedures document.

Contact the team

Call us on 01952 384555 or email

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