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Tailoring spaces and creating places

Planning Processes

Being at the forefront of the public sector, apT has a proven track record in delivering planning, building control and highway services.

Our combination of specialist skills and experience means that we are uniquely qualified to help organisations meet the requirements of the planning process, from processing to determining planning applications, providing appropriate qualified consultee advice, including:

Highways Development Management; Built Heritage; Urban Design; Ecology; Strategic Housing; Financial Viability; Recreation; structural engineering and Drainage. In addition we are able to support authorities at planning and enforcement appeals.

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Presentation of strategies

Our team are also able to help in the preparation, formation and consultation of strategies and planning polices, with significant experience at Examination in Public.

Combined with a wide range of specialisms that include financial viability, deliverability, CIL obligations, our expertise can deliver a vast range of complex projects from local plans to SPD’s, Article 4 directions to LDO’s, Management Plans to Development Briefs.

Our specialists have a depth of knowledge with legislation, and requirements of regulatory duties, bringing in a dynamic and diverse term to assist in your requirements to deliver sustainable development.

Working in partnership with the building control teams we can offer additional services supporting your delivery and statutory duties.

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Gold ROSPA Approved officers

apT can provide tailored specialist advice relating to the environment, including Ecological, Play Areas, Built Heritage, Sustainability, and Highway safety.

Our Gold ROSPA Approved officers have enhanced knowledge and expertise for the creation of and maintenance of healthy spaces such as outdoor play areas/gyms, allowing you to seek external support where required, providing reliable, accurate and efficient advice.

Additionally, we have a wide range of in-house specialisms for research and assessments requirements, offering the most up to date advice and guidance and including knowledge of potential lottery funding available where needed.

We can help you with:

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