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Tailoring spaces and creating places

Building Improvements

When considering any kind of extension, new build or home improvements outside your house an exciting yet daunting journey can await you. There are many factors to consider and adhere to during the planning process, each project varying vastly to the next in terms of what is realistic and inline with regulations.

We tailor all our advice to meet the needs of our clients, providing all the information required to support and enhance your property and ensure that it is done both appropriately and safely. We will help to deliver high quality home improvements that add value to your home whilst recognising savings wherever possible.

An artists impression of Southwater at night

How we can help

We coordinate all aspects of enquiries for homeowners, including architectural services and heritage advice from our in-house team. This means our experts are on hand to give you accurate help and advice as and when you need it, reducing the fear of the unknown and time spent planning, so your dream can quickly become a reality.

apT provides trusted knowledge of the public sector, to oversee your dream development stays just as that.

We can help you with:

An illustration of a plan
A photograph of a house on a street
A photograph of a house on a street
A photograph of a house on a street
A photograph of a house on a street