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Rough Park Way - A Public Bridleway to the North of Woodside Avenue, Madeley

Valuing our Public Rights of Way and bridle paths, read here to find out how apT’s Right of Way Officer has worked with the Community and Developers to improve and reinstate a much valued public bridleway, making it available again for use by local residents.

As Rough Park Way is one of the original strategic sustainable transport routes developed and implemented by Telford Development Corporation in the early days of the New Town, it has over time become a much valued route for cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders.

The land, which runs from Broad Meadow Lane to the Railway crossing in Madeley is owned by Telford & Wrekin Council had become badly eroded and in some parts unpassable when flooded due to the rising water table and vehicles accessing the land.

Work started in August 2018 to raise the level of the path, provide a deeper and more robust sub-base and relay the surface, thereby restoring the pathway and making it safe and available for the public to use.

The work, completed in October 2018 and coordinated by apT, involved AJB Contracting Ltd, Madeley Town Council and Telford & Wrekin Local Access Forum. Funding was provided via a Pride Grant and a contribution from Telford & Wrekin Council’s Estates & Investment Team.

Phil Griffiths, Town Clerk for Madeley Town Council said “In recent weeks one of the longest pathways that run through our Parish (Rough park way) which is located within Rough park itself has undergone a major improvement scheme which has been funded and by Telford & Wrekin Council Rights of Way team.

The main purpose of such works was to enable public use of the area by residents by (a) improve the drainage/flooding issues and (b) improve the overall durability and surface area so vehicles and other users can use this path for access without damaging the surface.

The section that has been upgraded was most heavily affected with deep mud and standing water in the winter months making it impassable, the results have been excellent and the area is now accessible again. With the forthcoming Local Nature Reserve Status (LNR) to be granted for Rough Park  these high quality works are a timely addition to the overall appearance and usability of the site and very much appreciated”

For more information on how our Rights of way team can help you, please contact us on 01952 384555 or by emailing us on

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Added: 17/10/2018


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