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Repairing Damaged Floors

Are you working on a development where you are replacing concrete or timber ground floors? If so, you may need to submit a Building regulations application. Our apT Building Control Team of experts are available to advise you prior to the submission through to the final stages of completed work.

It is really important before work starts that you check whether you need to submit an application. This is the simplest and best way to make sure that your work complies with the Building Regulations standards and has the right certification.

So here’s the technical information.

Building Regulations require that where floors (or certain features of floors) are replaced, they must meet the requirements for ‘renovation of a thermal element’ which means, if you’re affecting more than 50% of the floor, it should be entirely renovated including insulation to improve the thermal efficiency.

Replacement of timber floorboards, concrete ground floors, or screeds triggers this requirement. In these cases, if the existing floor doesn’t achieve a U-value of 0.7w/m2k, additional insulation is required. As the majority of the heat lost through ground floors is at the edges, sometimes additional insulation won’t be needed at all. 

If you believe there is damage to a building’s foundations, you will need to get a suitably qualified person to investigate this. It is important to note that there is particular risk on sloping sites.

If underpinning or foundation repairs are necessary a Building Regulations application will be required for the work.

To be on the safe side, ensure all notifiable work is approved under the Building Regulations.

For further advice please contact the apT Building Control Team on 01952 384555 or by emailing, we are here to help.

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Added: 11/10/2018


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