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Fire Door Safety Week 2018

Fire safety doors save lives. But not having your fire door signposted correctly or fitted properly may mean it doesn’t do its job properly and people are put at risk. Read here about how the LABC and apT Building Control Surveyors are supporting Fire Door Safety Week and help make sure your friends, family and colleagues are kept safe.

‘Shutting the door on Fire & Smoke’

The annual Fire door safety week directs the focus on issues surrounding Fire doors. This year’s fire safety scheme is running from 24th September – 30th September 2018 highlighting what an important element of fire protection they are. Fire doors are a safety feature in most buildings and In order to be effective and to save lives, they must be installed correctly. As with any fire safety device, fire doors should have regular maintenance checks as they are a physical barricade between you and any potential injury or death.  

The 4 most common faults as established by the Fire Door Inspection Scheme were:

  • 61% had fire or smoke seals either missing, installed incorrectly or not failing perimeter gaps correctly.
  • 34 % of fire doors had excessive gaps between the door and its frame.
  • 15% of fire doors had damage to the door leaf.
  • Fire doors are permanently propped open

So have you checked the Fire Doors at your office block, library or housing accommodation installed correctly? And if so are you using a fully qualified assessor? Using un qualified and unskilled Fire risk Assessors can mean damaging and life threatening results.

With over 100 qualified Fire Risk Assessors based within the LABC why not request a fire risk assessment from them? They are able to identify where the initial fire protection has been breached. They will deliver a professional and effective team to maintain a high standard of fire risk assessments to be adequately carried out. So in the correct hands nothing will rapidly take hold.

Alternatively please contact a member of the apT Building Control Team for further help on 01952 384555 or by emailing

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Added: 25/09/2018


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