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How apT are addressing the Census 2021

The ten yearly National Census is starting to gather momentum for it’s delivery by the Office of National Statistics in 2021. So how can Local Authorities help to ensure it’s successful delivery by using the Authority Address Gazetteer?

The National Census in 2021 is the fundamental building block for how grants are awarded to aid Local Authorities to strategically plan service provision and identifying future demand for services such as Education, Waste Services, infrastructure and development of local and neighbourhood plans. The address information that each Local Authority Address Custodian maintains is key to the address list that the Office of National Statistics ONS will use for the Census.

In the past, Local Authorities have been required to do a thorough review of the quality of their address data, the Office of National Statistics have assisted this by providing back comprehensive information on priority addresses to be added to the Authority Address Gazetteer for the delivery of the Census 2011.

The priority data requirement for the 2021 Census is for the Authority Address Gazetteer to hold a complete list of all communal establishments, such as Housing of Multiple Occupancy, terraced houses, residential institutions, flats and student accommodation. The Office of National Statistics need the Local Authority Address Gazetteer to ensure a 100% capture of priority data by the end of 2020.

The joint working approach that apT promotes enables seamless information flow between Planning, Building Control and Street Naming and Numbering, facilitating an automatic capture of the priority information that the Office of National Statistics needs to deliver for the Census 2021.

apT also have the advantage of being based within the Local Authority so have internal links to other property based applications such as Electoral Roll and Revenues, enabling us to quickly capture the Office of National Statistic priority information. The Authority Address Gazetteer, based within apT, has already captured the Office of National Statistics Census 2021 priority information to 100% completion.

If you have a new build property or wish to add a house name to your home please visit our Street Naming and Numbering page or contact apT on 01952 384555. We can register the house details for you and this will automatically reflect in the Census 2021 address list.

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Added: 15/08/2019


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