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View or download our current application forms and documents using the links on this page. Applications forms and all supporting documents can be emailed to the relevant email address or posted to apT, Wellington Civic Offices, Telford, PO Box 457, TF2 2FH.


To apply for Planning Permission you need to submit a planning application. All planning applications are required to be submitted on a standard form and can be submitted online through the Planning Portal.

Alternatively, the forms can be printed out from the Planning Portal.

Pre-application written advice

If you want to check if you are likely to get Planning Permission before you formally submit your application to us, you can apply for pre-application advice.

Alternatively for householder development we can provide verbal advice. Please note this service is not available for new or converted self-contained annexes or for the enclosure of additional garden land. However this is only a verbal clarification of planning issues without any internal consultation of technical specialists.

This is limited to one appointment of up to 15 minutes.

You can make an appointment online or by calling the Planning Contact Centre on 01952 384555.

Please email your documents to

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Building Regulations

Building control generally operates as a two-stage process, referred to as the Full Plans application. This involves the submission of detailed plans, which are checked for compliance with the relevant Building Regulations; and followed by a series of inspections on site to ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with the plan, and compliance with building regulations.

For some simple works, an alternative Building Notice application could be submitted and is also available together with more specialised application types to meet specific needs.

It is also important to understand that even if planning permission is not required a Building Regulation application may still be required.

If you'd like to apply for building regulations and avoid form filling, or if you're unsure about which type of application is most appropriate, please contact us on 01952 384555 to make a telephone application.

We can help you with the fees, and you can pay by card during the phone call.

Please email any applications or enquiries to

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When installing a vehicular access dropped kerb which crosses a public footpath or verge to gain access to the property / site from the highway an application is required (S184 of the Highways Act 1980).

Please email any applications or enquiries to

A photograph showing the A442 dual carriageway at night

Rights of way

An application to extinguish a public right of way can only be considered where it can be clearly demonstrated that it is expedient to do so on the grounds that the route is no longer needed for public use.

An application may be made under the Highways Act 1980, S119 to divert a footpath, bridleway or restricted byway if it can be shown that by doing so it is beneficial to the land owner, lessee or occupier of the land crossed by the right of way and the public.

An application may be made under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, S257 to divert or stop up a footpath, bridleway or restricted byway to allow a development that has planning consent to take place.

Please email any applications or enquiries to

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